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Top 5 Best Coffee Urns – Reviews Guide For 2021

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If you need to serve coffee to a large community, get-togethers family parties, or office, you need an ideal coffee urn. It is an indispensable coffee tool for keeping freshly brewed coffee long time.

But how do you choose the best unit? There are several models and various types of aspects for purchasing the right one. We are giving you the top-most models of coffee urns so that you can find a perfect coffee urn that has excellent features, design, and other prospects.

Let’s go through to the topmost list!

Quick Picks: Best Coffee Urn

  1. Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn (Best Pick)
  2. Zulay Premium Commercial Coffee Urn (Editor Choice)
  3. West Bend Commercial Coffee Urn
  4. HomeCraft Automatic 45-Cup Coffee Urn
  5. Continental Electric PS-SQ018 Coffee Urn
  6. Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn
  7. SYBO Commercial Coffee Maker Urn
  8. Hamilton Beach Dual-Spout Coffee Urn

5 Best Coffee Urns: Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn (Best Pick)

Hamilton beach 40515 coffee urn is a great model for brewing 15-45 cups of coffee. It’s a quite impressive and attractive coffee urn for an office meeting, social gathering, or any large event.

In terms of design, it’s compact in sized and kitchen’s space saver. It comes up with convenient functionality. Brewing is very fast in this coffee urn. It requires only one minute per cup.

The water level mark lets you know how much water you fill into the urn. It easy to carry for having comfortable handles.

The serving coffee is simple. The continuous filling takes only a few times. Also, the urn has ready to indicator light which gives info when coffee is ready to serve.

What we liked
  • Quick coffee serving
  • 45 cups coffee capacity
  • Capable to make up to 45 cups
  • Water level allows for easy filling
  • Includes coffee ready indicators
  • Brewing time one minutes per cup
  • Heat-resistant handles for easy carrying
  • Dishwasher free parts that simple to clean
What we didn't like
  • Urn’s outside area gets warmer (Only use the handles as that are heat resistant)

2. Zulay Premium Commercial Coffee Urn (Editor Choice)

If you are looking for durable stainless steel made double layer coffee urn. Zulay premium coffee urn can be a great choice. It is a certified coffee urn. For a large group or meeting purposes, you can serve coffee quickly with two pour faucet. Even it is built with a heating system that keeps coffee heat longer time. 

The coffee urn is user-friendly. It’s almost easy to set up, hassle-free functionality, and easy filling. You can make one cup(5 oz) in every single minute and serve coffee up to 100 cups among any meetings, offices, or large group parties. It is easy to carry with cool to touch handles. 

Moreover, the coffee window allows you to see how much coffee contains in the urn. It even shows you when you require to refill. This thermal coffee urn is also the best option for commercial purposes. 

It has included an indicator light which gives you notification while coffee is done and ready for serving. One of the great things is about having a lifetime guarantee with this product.

After all, it is designed user-friendly and super easy navigate functions. The modern features come up with this coffee urn that can be worth to purchase. 

What we liked
  • A certified coffee urn
  • 100 cups coffee capacity
  • Programmable coffee urn
  • Best coffee urn for large groups
  • Two pour-over system
  • Durable stainless steel made
  • Easy to fill and cleaning system
  • Concealed heating system
  • Coffee level window
  • Also suits for tea, hot chocolate, and other drinks
What we didn't like
  • Require to clean after each using

3. West Bend Commercial Coffee Urn

If you want to have a large capacity coffee urn that is capable to serve large grouping people, West Band coffee can be a great choice.

As a commercial coffee urn, it allows you to brew 40-100 cups. Quick brewing features give you to get a single cup of coffee ready within a minute.

Also, It’s an NSF certified coffee urn. Automatic temperature controlling is one of the unique features that keep coffee hot longer time.

This versatile featured coffee urn listed by cULus. After all, if you hunker to get a large capacity coffee urn for office, breakrooms, or cafes; it’s can be the right decision to keep one in your bucket.

What we liked
  • Fast brewing (one cup per minute)
  • Have an indicator light for giving notification ready coffee
  • Automatic temperature control option
  • Heat resistant based urn
  • Includes cleaning tools and
  • NSF and UL approved commercial purpose
  • The water level can be seen and filling
  • Durable aluminum constructed
What we didn't like
  • No automatic shutdown

4. HomeCraft Automatic 45-Cup Coffee Urn

Homecraft coffee urn is a splendid model that supports to severing any types of drinks. The massive capacity allows you to use it perfectly in family events or office meetings.

The urn allows you to serve coffee up to 45 cups and fast brewing takes only one minute per cup to ready.

The two-way dripless faucet fills two cups at the same time. That means your time can be saved while you’re in a large group. Even it can keep coffee warm several hours.

A filter is an important part of a coffee urn. With a reusable filter, you won’t have to worry about buying paper filters. Getting a notification needs to know when coffee brewing is done and ready to serve. This modern Homecraft coffee urn has included the feature as well.

What we liked
  • Large-capacity coffee urn
  • Multiple coffee beverage supports
  • Elegant designed
  • Coffee level window
  • Includes reusable filter
  • Superfast brewing
  • Two-way pour-over system
  • Easy to fill and handle
  • Indicator light notification
What we didn't like
  • Little hard to clean

5. Continental Electric PS-SQ018 Coffee Urn

While you are willing to get 50 cups of a large-sized coffee urn, the continental professional series comes up with an exceptional model. The multi-programming including digital functionality keeps coffee hot longer time. 

Having a permanent water filter gives you hassle-free options. Moreover, when you want the right amount of water, you can see the level by the water window.

The brewer is greatly designed for users’ preferences. The size of the coffee urn is perfect for the kitchen and carry out. Moreover, it’s easy to clean. 

The programmable timer and reheat functions make coffee delicious taste every time. You can even reheat with digital functionality. After all, it’s a great coffee urn for family gatherings or any time of parties. 

What we liked
  • Automatic And Programmable Machine
  • Stainless Steel Color And Metal Made
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Water Capacity For 50 Cups
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Water Window View
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • PTFE And PFOA Free
  • Brewing And Ready Indicator
  • Permanent Stainless Steel Filter
  • Reheat Water Function
  • Brewing Timer
  • Side Handles For Easy Carry
What we didn't like
  • Lack of Insulation

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a coffee urn?

A coffee urn is capable of storing a large amount of coffee. You can brew coffee and serve among a large group of people as well with this coffee tool.

Does a coffee urn make coffee?

Yes, a coffee urn can brew coffee. A small-sized coffee urn allows you to make 30 cups at a time. For event or family gathering functions, you need a large sized coffee urn that capable to brew 100 cups.

Does a coffee urn need a filter?

Yes, most of the coffee urn need plastic or metal filter. After finishing the brewing, paper filters hold the coffee grounds. The modern and latest designed coffee urn doesn’t require a filter as it includes a permanent filter. 

How much coffee do you put in a coffee urn?

If you are willing to brew 25 cups of coffee, taking 2 cups of coffee can be appropriated. Moreover, the standard coffee to water ratio in 1:17. 

By following the measurements, you can get the perfect cup of coffee. To get strong coffee, you have to increase the amount of coffee grounds, and maintain the taste of coffee using a perfect filter is required.

How does a coffee urn work?

A coffee urn is simply to use as a coffee machine works. You have to fill the basket with fresh coffee grounds, check the water level as you need cups of coffee, place the filter, and wait a few minutes. 

If you need to brew 30 cups of coffee, you have to wait at least 20 minutes to complete the brewing process. Generally, one cup of coffee requires per minute for getting ready.

Final Words

Although you may have a great coffee maker, but buying a coffee urn is a wise decision for your coffee tools. Whenever you want to enjoy coffee with friends or family, even hang out with a large group of people, you don’t have to worry to get a hot and fresh cup of coffee for everyone.

From the above best-rated top picks, you should consider an electric coffee urn according to your preference.

Happy coffee time!

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