Best Espresso Machine Under 1000

Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 – Reviews 2022

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Are you an espresso junkies?

Making the perfect cup of espresso is not only depends on the sequence of some proper moves but also it’s all about using the right brewer.

When you have a budget under $1000 for an espresso machine, but you desire to get the best machine around the price tags; then today’s reading can help you to consider the top one . The home espresso machines are mostly expensive and can be price up to $4000-5000.

Nothing to worry about!

When you’re willing to have a espresso machine with such an excellent building quality, multiple brewing features, programmable and automatic functions, designed with the grinder and so on; let’s dive more into our picks.

Having the right espresso machine at home can give you more freedom to hold the perfect cup. In this review, we help you to take a closer look at the top espresso models in the market.

Best Affordable Espresso Machines

The Best Espresso Machines Under 1000

5 Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 – Reviews

1. Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine (Best Pick)

  • Brand: Breville
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.6 x 13.1 inch
  • Capacity: 4 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 23 pounds

Breville BES870XL is a kind of semi-espresso machine. It’s one of the best selling automatic espresso machines. The unit has special features that make it exceptional. From design to brewing, there are many improvements from the previous (860XL) model.

You know how important the coffee grind size before making the delicious cup. The model has included a burr grinder. So you can grind coffee beans as you decide. There is a bunch of grind setting that allows you to customize the grind size.

To get the right espresso extraction, the machine creates the optimal temperature. The exceptional feature of the brewer is about creating foam milk texturing. It boosts the flavor of the espresso as well. Controlling the machine is simple and easy to handle. After all, it’s one of the modern espresso brewers indeed.

Things We Liked

  • Stainless steel makes the machine attractive.
  • A cleaning reminder is available.
  • Designed with a grinder, tamper, and milk frother.
  • The water dispenser is very convenient.
  • Deliver the right temperature.
  • Makes the great cup of coffee.
  • The grinder comes up with a removable hopper
  • Customize timing for a single or double shot

Things We Disliked

  • If you allow to grinding the coffee by automatic setting, it may overfill.

2. DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker (Budget Friendly)

  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 9.06 x 11.61
  • Capacity: 2.8 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 11.44 pounds

De’Longhi is an Italian small appliance company that appears with some great espresso machines. DeLonghi EC702 is one of the classic models.

The machine’s outstanding design makes it amazing. Espresso lovers want a machine that can be produced fresh and delicious espresso every time.

It’s the most hassle-free machine for delivers a great cup of espresso. Where you can customize the taste according to your preference.

3 important key factors to determine a premium espresso machine:

  • Design and performance of the machine
  • Quality of espresso
  • Functions for users

Regarding all of these factors, De’Longhi EC702 can be an exceptional choice for the home barista. 

Things We Liked

  • The built-in quality of the machine is durable and stunning
  • Stylish and stainless steel components made it durable
  • It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean every part
  • The water tank and drip tray is removable
  • The water level indicator allows you to see the water level
  • Two different thermostats
  • It allows making smooth crema
  • Quickly heating system
  • The porta filter is simple to attach

Things We Disliked

  • The tamper is made of plastic (Buy a metal made tamper can make the good shot)

3. Jura ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine (Value for Money)

  • Brand: Jura
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 17.52 x 12.72
  • Capacity: 400 Milliliters
  • Item Weight: 19.4 pounds

Jura ENA 1 is a super-automatic espresso machine. The simple touch button allows you to get coffee without hassle. Especially, you can brew espresso, ristretto and coffee with the simple process.

The multi-featured burr grinder produces the right size of coffee grind. Coffee junkies know how important is about coffee taste. Jura ENA 1 always delivers a fresh cup of coffee.

Furthermore, it is designed to compact in sized and elegant looking machines. It is perfectly suited to the kitchen and save spaces as well. The user panel is easy to understand and control. The heating process of the machine is remarkable. It quickly heats the water to the perfect temperature for having an excellent cup of espresso.

Things We Liked

  • Ultra-compact espresso machine
  • User-friendly brewer
  • The quick touch panel makes espresso without hassle
  • Include blue filter
  • Way to check water hardness
  • Easy to clean
  • Water reservoir and bean hopper
  • Lightweight and space saver
  • Control aroma levels
  • Programmable brewer and built-in grinder
  • Automatic shutdown functionality
  • 2 Years official warranty

Things We Disliked

  • Expensive machine

4. Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine

  • Brand: Gaggia
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 8.7 x 13.38 inch
  • Capacity: 3.8 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 16 pounds

Gaggia Anima espresso maker is a kind of programmable brewer that comes up with a sleek design. It’s made with ABS Thermoplastic which gives it a classy look and made it a high-end product.

Moreover, it enables you to brew 3 different kinds of beverages:

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Lattes

It’s a super-automatic espresso machine. As it’s a compact-sized brewer, it fits on kitchen counters and saves extra space as well. If you want to brew a large number of cups, the water tank(60-ounce) allows you to give you the brewing option. 

Whenever you want to enjoy a premium cup of espresso, you should make consideration for choosing this brewer. According to the price, it has worth value as the most modern espresso brewers. 

Things We Liked

  • Compact designed
  • The Control panel is attractive and readable
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Deliver rich flavored espresso
  • Automatic adjustment features
  • Ensure the perfect taste
  • Custom brewing size
  • Automatic shutdown option
  • The milk frother is easy to use
  • Able to control brewing temperature
  • Large-sized water reservoir (60oz)
  • Include bean hopper (8.8-ounce capacity)
  • Energy-saving mode
  • 2 Years Warranty

Things We Disliked

  • As it’ a semi-automatic espresso machine, you can’t control it fully. (But the automatic adjust product rich-taste espresso)

5. Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Brand: Philips Kitchen Appliances
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 20.75 x 18.75 x 17 inch
  • Capacity: 9.6 Ounces
  • Item Weight: 20.3 pounds

Philips is one of the best brands that leads to modern technology. In the market, it comes up with different models of espresso machines. When you want to have the perfect cup of espresso, Philips 3200 Series Espresso Machine is another coffee arsenal for you. without getting complex methods, it simply does the whole process.

You just have to put the coffee beans, water and milk. You can set a custom program for each brewing from strength, shot time, milk volume to temperature whatever you want. As it’s an automatic espresso machine, it delivers the cup of joy without any hassle.

Philips 3200 is built with a user-friendly design. The Lattego milk carafe makes the frother milk at the perfect temperature. Moreover, you can set a double shot by simply touch the display button.

There are 4 kinds of beverage you can get by the machine:

  1. Espresso
  2. Americano
  3. Espresso Lungo
  4. Coffee

The machine is more special to have a grind option. There are 12 custom settings to grind coffee beans from fine to ultra-fine coarse for enjoying different kinds of brewing. The most convenient part of the brewer is the auto cleaning system with the Aqua Clean water filter.

If you install an AquaClean water filter, you don’t have to worry for declining the machine for up to brewing 5000 cups. Without installing the aqua clean filter, you can get a notification for cleaning the machine manually. Also, the unit comes with a 1.8L water tank, so that you can brew a big amount of beverages for your hangouts time.

Things We Liked

  • Automatic Espresso machine
  • Compact in sized
  • Grinder adjustments
  • Attractive design and space saver
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Touch button control panel
  • Black and silver color machines
  • Larger water tank (Capacity 60oz)
  • Custom coffee strength
  • Able to control the milk foam quality
  • Latte system milk frothing
  • 12 different grind setting
  • Brew 5 different kinds of coffee
  • Options to set up the perfect temperature

Things We Disliked

  • Create a little bit sound

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum price for an espresso machine?

The average price range is around $300-350 for an espresso machine. However, the price level depends on preference. When you expect to have a machine in 700$-1000, then it could be designed with more updated features and brewing controlling capability.

Is an expensive espresso maker worth it?

An expensive espresso machine is worth buying when it has some aspects according to the price level. From design to built-in materials are primary factors of a machine. High-grade material ensures both interior and exterior durability.

The programmable features can make a machine hassle-free. Some high-cost espresso machine comes up with a grinder and different types of brewing features.

Controlling temperature is very important to get espresso in perfect taste. The automatic temperature control based espresso machine is more user-friendly. According to these aspects, a high-cost espresso machine is always worth purchasing.

Final Thoughts

When you love espresso, buying the right machine would not be a waste of money. Spending a little bit more penny for getting the up-dated machine can be a wise decision. We are enlisted above the top machines on the market that don’t make you disappoint and worth buying any according to your preference.

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