How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee?

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee?

Coffee can boost the daily productivity level as it contains caffeine contents. There are different types of coffee. Each coffee has a distinct level of calories. Because it depends on the ingredients on which it is made of. 

The most asked question is, “How many calories are in a cup of coffee?” We know that black coffee has generally zero(0) calories. But what if we want to increase or reduce the level of calories for other coffee beverages.

According to Statista, Americans have at least two or three cups coffee a day. Many people assume all coffee drinks are low calorie, but this is not true. A lot of popular coffee drinks have a variety of calories, from 10 to 200.

As for iced coffee, there are 30-200 calories in just one serving! The good news is that with some simple adjustments, you can enjoy your favorite beverages without having to worry about the calories. Accordingly, we are talking about the calories level for different types of coffee beverages.

Coffee Drinks (8oz)Calories Level
Black coffee (Ground coffee beans)2
Black coffee (Decaffeinated coffee beans) 0
Coffee with Milk6
Coffee with Cream43
Coffee with Cream and Sugar75
Coffee with Whole Milk33
Coffee with Skim Milk 23

In the above chart, we have talked about the calories level for coffee drinks by following the different ingredients. Three important coffee ingredients; sugar, milk and creamer can control the calories level. Let’s go to the insider.

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee Black?

Following the  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s statement, a regular black coffee carries around 2 calories if you use ground coffee beans. But the calories level can be reduced to zero by using decaffeinated beans.  

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee With Milk?

According to FatSecret, there are 6 calories in a cup of coffee with milk. If we break down the calories, then it has 56% carbs, 22% fat and 22% protein.

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee With Cream?

A cup of coffee with cream has 43 calories. A cup of coffee (8oz) contains 2 calories and 2 tablespoons of cream have 41 calories. (Source: Nutritionix)

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee With Cream And Sugar?

Following the FoodData Central of USDA, 2 tablespoon sugar has approximately 32 calories. So there are around 75 calories in a cup of coffee with 2 table cream and sugar.

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee With Whole Milk?

2ounce whole milk contains 31 calories. A cup of coffee (8oz) and whole milk (2oz) reach a total of 33 calories. But if you add sugar or other ingredients, the calories level will be higher.

How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee With Skim Milk/Nonfat Milk?

According to Nutritionix, A cup of coffee (8oz) has 2 calories and 2 oz skim milk has 21 calories. So without sugar, the cup of coffee with skim milk calories is 23.

Final Words

A cup of coffee can range anywhere from 30 to 300 calories depending on the type and how it is prepared. If you’re interested in lowering your caffeine intake, we recommend drinking black coffee or with skim milk for fewer calories. Because, a single serving of brewed black coffee contains less than 5 calories.

Coffee may be a great addition to your diet and provides all the necessary nutrients you need to stay healthy. It can help people to absorb more of the caffeine they consume.

The more caffeine that is absorbed, the more calories that are burned. In fact, caffeine increases metabolism and decreases appetite. By drinking coffee, it can be a great way of achieving weight loss. So drink up, and drink responsibly.

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