The Complete Coffee Grind Size Chart

Coffee Grind Size Chart

You should consider the right grind size when you want to brew perfect cups of coffee. It has an effective impact on the coffee’s flavor and quality of taste.

There are different grind sizes to select from. Your coffee grind size should be selected based on the type of coffee maker you use. For example, drip coffee makers typically use a medium-coarse grind, while espresso machines require a fine grind.

Being a coffee drinker, you may prefer the taste of coffee stronger instead of lighter. You need to select the grind size that will yield the ideal flavor.

Here, you will know about the grind size of the different types of coffee machines and how you determine what the perfect grind looks like.

Coffee Grind Size Chart

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What are the different types of grinds for coffee?

1. Fine

Fine Grind

Fine coffee grinds are typically used for espresso. By processing with a high resistance and short pulse, the coffee grind can make an excellent cup of espresso in 30 seconds with nine bars of pressure. Moka pot and AeroPress also use the same-sized ground which they are capable to brew within one minute.

2. Medium

Medium Grind

A medium coffee grind is just right for any type of pour-over method and vacuum coffee makers. Appearance is similar to table salt. The flavor of your coffee will be more balanced and consistent than either finer or coarser grounds when using a medium grind. The grind can be found in grocery shops in the same manner as pre-ground coffee.

3. Medium Fine

Medium Fine Grind

Medium fine grind is a popular choice when it comes to coffee brewing. It feels like sugar and is mostly used by Aeropress brewing. It is one of the most versatile and widely used grind sizes, making it perfect for many different methods of coffee preparation.

The grind can be adjusted for optimal extraction. This type of grind size has gained popularity due to its ability to provide a full-bodied cup of coffee with a balanced flavor and mouthfeel.

4. Extra Fine

Super Fine Grind

Turkish coffee, also called Ibrik is traditionally made with an extra fine grind. Its texture looks like powder as well as similar to flour. This superfine grind’s size is about 0.1mm. A Turkish coffee grinder is required for the desired grind size.

5. Coarse

Coarse Coffee Grind

Coarse-grind coffee is perfect for the French press machine. You can try making coarse-grind coffee with a percolator and coffee cupping, as well. It looks like sea salt.

Coarse grinds have larger particles that create less surface area than other types of grinds like fine or medium. This helps ensure you get richer flavors without too much bitterness in your final cup.

As an added bonus, coarsely ground beans are usually easier to clean up after use because they don’t clog filters or machines as easily as finer grounds do.

6. Medium Coarse

Medium Coarse Grind

A medium-coarse grind is ideal for drip coffee makers and Chemex. The appearance is similar to rough sand. The large particles allow for more water to pass through the filter while still retaining essential oils and flavors from the beans.

It also produces a well-balanced cup that won’t be too strong or too weak, but just right! Brewing can be completed in approximately 2 minutes. You can make coffee with this grind on a cafe solo and clever machine.

7. Extra Coarse

Extra Coarse Grind

The coarsest type of grind is known as ‘Extra Coarse’. This type of grind is best suited for cold-brewed coffees, as it allows more flavor extraction without adding too much bitterness.

The grounds look like peppercorns and require a longer steeping time, usually around 12-24 hours. If left to steep for too long this type of grind can produce an overly bitter taste with a slightly acidic aftertaste.

Wrapping Up

Understanding your coffee grind size is essential for making a delicious cup of coffee. Whether you’re using an espresso machine, French press, pour-over, or automatic drip brewer, having a good quality grinder and taking the time to learn the different grind sizes can make all the difference in your final cup.

Remember to experiment with different grind sizes to find what works best for you. In order to get the best-tasting coffee, coffee grind makes a big difference. So whenever, you have to use fresh and the right kind of coffee beans for preparing a cup of coffee.

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