How To Make Strong Coffee At Home

How To Make Strong Coffee At Home

There is nothing more special to a coffee enthusiast to get a good cup of coffee every morning. Some people prefer different coffee tastes such as normal, bold, strong and so on. 

But on this point, the most asked question by coffee lovers is “How to make strong coffee at home?”

Sometimes you may feel disappointing due to get a wrong taste. Although you love the strong taste but getting a weaker cup of coffee every brewing and start trying out different methods to get the right taste. But you can’t get to know exact tricky ways.

Today we will reveal everything (nothing secrets) that require to make a great cup of coffee. Keep digging.

How to Make a Strong Cup of Coffee

Use Fresh Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are a crucial ingredient of coffee. You won’t get the perfect taste until you use good coffee beans. To get strong coffee, you need to buy coffee beans tactfully. 

Dark roasts can be made the strongest and rich flavor coffee. Arabica and Colombian coffee beans are also produced as a bold and strong taste.

Remember the stronger and fresh coffee beans you use, the stronger coffee cup you can get as your expectation.

  • Note: Don’t buy old coffee beans. It can be lost the taste of the coffee. Always use fresh coffee beans or store it air-tight container.

Go with Fresh Coffee and Grind it Perfectly

Fresh coffee can make an excellent and strong cup of coffee. It has a great impact on coffee taste and undoubtedly key things of coffee.

You have to buy the whole beans and grind them perfectly right before brewing.  You can manually control grind the coffee and using an electric coffee grinder machine to do the job for you.

You need to use regular grind coffee machine if you want to brew with an automatic drip coffee machine. Go with a little bit fine coarse for espresso machine and coarse grind coffee use with French coffee maker.

You must know that freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee. That’s why you have to use fresh ground coffee to get the perfect and delicious taste of the coffee.

Maintain The Ingredients Ratio

The most important matter is about maintaining the coffee and water ratio. In order to make strong coffee, you have to use more coffee than water, haven’t you?

It’s not exactly right all the time. You just need to implement the right ratio for strong coffee. If you use 2 tablespoons of coffee in 6-ounce water, then it produces bold taste coffee.

But you don’t have to worry about the ratio if you use dark roasted coffee. Because it generally uses to make strong taste coffee.

Brewing Water  with Right Temperature

Pure and clean water must need to use for making the strong and perfect taste of the coffee. It generally extracts the flavors. If you brew a long time, it can produce strong coffee by extracting it completely. The flavor and oil of the coffee can be extracted perfectly.

In the meantime, you have to notice the brewing temperature. Without the right temperature, your coffee can lose its taste.

Right Brewing Methods

Coffee brewing is an art. The more perfectly you can do it, the more chance to get the tasteful cup. There are a bunch of coffee brewing methods. Where every method has some guidelines steps to produce a different and unique cup of coffee.

But what are the best tactics to make a strong cup of coffee?

You can use a French press because it can customize easily as following personal needs. Most importantly, it can make a strong coffee.

If you allow longer brewing, the machine extracts more flavor and oil. But you have to be careful about brewing. Over brewing can lose the taste of coffee and make it an extra bitter taste. 

Remember French press machine usually takes 2-4 minutes where drip coffee maker or pour-over coffee machine take 5 minutes for perfect brewing. You can use Aeropress for faster brewing than a French press.


Although you can follow the above steps to make a strong cup of coffee. But you should continue experiments until find the desired coffee cup.

If you find coffee taste not strong enough; you can just add more coffee or brewing more time. On the other hand, if you find coffee over strong, just reduce the coffee and brew it less time. It’s the best solution to control the taste of the coffee.

Wrapping Up

Making a strong cup of coffee isn’t easy but tricky enough. You must need to maintain the ingredient ratio. Perfect brewing with fresh coffee is the precondition.

So you don’t have to stop your experiment journey. At a period, you can be a master of making a great cup of coffee.

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