How To Make Espresso At Home Without An Espresso Machine

How To Make Espresso At Home Without An Espresso Machine

While you are going on a camping or simply staying at home, as an espresso enthusiast, you may desire to make a taste of espresso coffee. But if you don’t have an espresso maker at home and you may fall in trouble. Don’t worry! We are going to talk about the simplest way on how to make espresso without machine.

You may believe that it’s impossible to make an excellent espresso without a machine. But it’s not true all the time! There are various methods, you can make espresso without a maker. You just require to follow up the simple way of making it.

How to Make Espresso With a French Press?

Who doesn’t love espresso at home? Brewing with a french press for making espresso isn’t a hard task. If you have a french press already in your home, you are lucky enough. Because it works for making the espresso quickly! But make sure, you have to follow the techniques and steps very carefully.

Let’s talk about the brewing methods for making a great cup of espresso!

What You Will Need to Make Espresso?

  • French Press Machine
  • Fresh Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Measuring Tablespoon
  • An Electric Kettle

Step 1:

At first, you have to grind the coffee beans. If you want to make a single cup of espresso, take 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. It’s an ideal measurement! Otherwise, you can increase the beans for brewing more cups at a time.

Step 2:

Take your kettle and fill it with water. For perfect brewing, heat it below 200 degrees. After that, add the coffee ground. If you want to get a stronger flavor, use double the amount of coffee in the french press.

Note: It’s the most important stage for making espresso. If the water doesn’t heat properly, you won’t get the right flavor from it.

Step 3:

After adding the coffee grounds, you will get a fantastic flavor and notice the bloom of coffee. In order to get a rich taste, you have to wait some time for extracting the grounds.

Step 4:

Pour the remaining water to the French press. But don’t stir too much, because it can be lost its richness flavor.

Step 5:

In that stage don’t plunge. Close the lid and keep it steep around 4 minutes. You can add 1-2 minutes longer for a stronger taste. But don’t steep it too long.

Step 6:

Right now you have to plunge on the French press. Don’t plunge it over only a quick motion. Do it steadily, slowly and with a little pressure. Plunge it top to down in order to finish the press.

Step 7:

Your espresso is ready now and it’s finished. You can now pour over into your favorite mug and keep enjoying!

Final Words

Brewing espresso is a sum of the process. There are some vital things required to make a great cup every time. The coffee beans or espresso beans should be freshly roasted, the temperature of the water would be right for perfect extraction and you have to maintain a timely manner. After completing brewing, you shouldn’t keep it for a long time. Serving the espresso quickly helps you to get fresh and hot richness cup.

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