Surprising Coffee Facts That You Didn’t Know

coffee facts
  • In the world, people drink more than 400 billion cups of coffee each year.
  • Coffee is grown more than 50 countries in the world.
  • According to Economic of Coffee resource, 25 million farmers depend on coffee crops.
Coffee cultivation by type of coffee. (Wikipedia)
  • The worldwide coffee industry earns about $60 billion per year.
  • More than 450 million cups of coffee drink in the United States every day.
  • According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Finland is the most coffee consumption country in the world. People drink coffee 12 kg per capita each year.
  • The international coffee day is 1st October which was started in 2015.
  • The United States is the biggest coffee consumer in the world, where the national coffee day is 29 September. (Source: ICO)
  • Do you know what is the largest coffee producer country in the world? According to the WorldAtlas, Brazil is taken the place. In 2016, Brazil produced 2,595,000 metric ton coffee bean.
  • Morning coffee improves your personal daily focus and reduces stress.
  • While you feel headache, coffee can help you to relieve.
  • Coffee contains essential nutrients and antioxidants that quite helpful for your body and mind.
  • 25% of coffee farms are led by women. (Source: ICO)
  • 70% of the workforce growing coffee is made up of women. (Source: ICO)
  • Are you looking for lower calories drink? Drink coffee without worrying about higher calories.
  • Coffee is great for fitness junkies! It can preserve your muscles, make the immune system stronger and helps you to workout harder.
  • Coffee improves your memory and boosts brainpower.
  • 150 million (Adult) Americans around 54% drink coffee everyday where 65% people consume it in the morning.
coffee habits
Source: Kantar Worldpanel’s Out-of-Home panel. Mobile Annual Total (MAT) ending June 2017.
  • From a 2012 case study, people who drink coffee reduces the risk of premature death.
  • In United States 35% people like black coffee and 65% coffee lovers prefer to add cream or sugar.
  • According to Wikipedia and International Coffee Organisation (ICO), every day 2 billion cups of coffee drink everyday.
  • An average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. (Source: Healthline)
  • In order to make a cup of coffee, you will require 100 coffee beans.
  • To produce coffee, a coffee tree needs at least 5 years to be mature.
  • Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. A single cup of coffee costs $35 to $80 where a one pound bag of beans costs $100 to $600.
  • After water, coffee is the most popular drink in the world.
  • 3.1 cups of coffee consumption in the US every day.
  • At work, 24 minutes a day are spent on making, drinking hot cups of coffee and serving.
  • Coffee plants are grown commercially in Hawaii and California. These are only two states in the US able to produce coffee.
  • One of the most largest coffee chains Starbucks has more than 33,000 locations worldwide.
  • In the United States, 65% people drink coffee during the morning hours.
  • According to Goodhousekeeping research, “You can order coffee 25,000 different ways at Dunkin“.
  • 24% people drink 13 cup each week in United States. (Coffee Statistics)
  • According to Vox Science & Health reports, “Don’t worry, you would need to drink about 30 cups in a very short period time to get close to a lethal dose of caffeine.”
  • Interesting fact, “The First Webcam Watched a Coffee Pot and Made it Famous. It happened on 22 November 1993 ” (Source: BBC)
  • According to Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab chemist Danusia Wnek, “Coffee grounds are physical exfoliators that can lift off dead skin cells, making skin feel smooth and look brighter,”.
  • By Taking 70 cups of coffee can kill a roughly 150 pound person. (Soruce: AsapSCIENCE )
  • There are two main types of coffee grown in the commercial market: arabica and robusta. (Soruce: Insider)
  • Coffee reduces  44% lower risk of liver damage.
  • According to research, you should not drink tea in stressed mode.
  • Cream keeps coffee 20% longer time hot. (Source: Facts)
  • Average coffee drinkers take 3 cups of coffee per day. (Source:
  • Fifty people worked more than one month to make the largest cup of coffee on 15 June 2019. According to Guinness world records, the cup capacity was 22,739.14L and contained Arabic coffee.

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