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Are you a coffee snob?

Making cups of coffee every day is your passion. But you may not want just a cup of coffee, you want the accurate taste and flavor all the time. You want to get a perfect calculation to make great cups of joy every time.

You might know, making a great cup of coffee doesn’t always depend on coffee beans, water and other ingredients. Most importantly, what coffee machine you use to make a perfect cup of coffee.

But is it quite hard to find one?

It might be hard because there are plenty of coffee machines in the market. Don’t worry! In the post, we are giving you a closer look at the best 4 cup coffee makers with the in-depth pros & cons. So that you can quickly find the top-rated one.

Best Small Coffee Makers – Quick Pick

You don’t require a large-sized coffee maker, whether you want to save your kitchen space. Moreover, the cost of buying a coffee maker 4 cups sized can save money where it can also fulfill a small family’s needs. That’s why we come up with the list of top 4 cups coffee makers reviews.

This quick list will help you to make a decision and pick the best maker in a short time. We have included both 4 and 5 cups of coffee makers as they don’t have a big difference.

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Top 5 Reviews

Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffeemaker (Top Pick)

Cuisinart small cup coffee maker helps to make decent cups of coffee every morning. The stainless steel made carafe increases the durability score of the brewer. To avoid buying paper filters, you should buy a two cone-shaped permanent filter. 

There are some nice features included with this machine. It has auto-shutoff functions.

From the brewing starting time, it will automatically shut down after 30 minutes. Moreover, it has a pause button to stop the brew anytime.

The key points of the machine are compact design, easy features and budget-friendly. Furthermore, it suits with kitchen styles. You can place it anywhere you want. The ideal sized can save your kitchen space as well. It’s specially built to North American Electrical Standards.

What we liked
  • Fast Brewing
  • Compact size
  • Automatic turn off
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Stainless steel made a carafe
  • Affordable price
  • Coffee tastes excellent
What we didn't like
  • Reusable filter doesn’t include
  • Small-sized carafe

Black And Decker 5 Cup Coffee Maker (The Runner Up)

Black decker 5 cup coffee maker is unbeatable. Not only from the price point but also the design of the machine is perfect for the kitchen. The glass carafe is durable. While you need to fill it, you can get the measurement idea.

Moreover, the removable filter easy to clean. Generally, it’s not easy to find a coffee maker with 4-5 cups which keeps coffee hot for a longer time. Because it generally brews a single time for small parties.

But this coffee maker keeps coffee hot for at least an hour. It’s one of the great advantages of the brewer. Including an on and off lighted switch is easy to operate. The size of the brewer is kitchen space friendly. It doesn’t need much space to place it.

What we liked
  • Small and compact sized brewer
  • Easy to use and Washing system
  • Removable coffee filter
  • Price of the coffee maker affordable
  • Make coffee quickly
What we didn't like
  • The programmable timer isn’t available
  • No automatic shutdown feature

Krups Drip Coffee Maker (Best Value)

KRUPS simply brew 5 cup coffee maker introduced with modern features. You can make 4-5 cups of coffee at a time. The machine automatically keeps coffee hot for around 30 minutes after brewing. It has pause brewing features to pour coffee any time before reach the brewing.

The durability of the brewer is good enough because it is made of stainless steel materials. KRUPS brand is always committed to creating products with perfection.

What we liked
  • Stainless steel made
  • Glass carafe
  • Keep coffee warm for 30 min
  • Reusable filter included
  • Compact sized brewer
  • Single-button to start/off
  • Pause brewing system
  • Easy to use and clean
What we didn't like
  • The carafe is not dishwasher safe (But you can clean it by hand, it’s pretty easy)

Elite Cuisine 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Elite Cuisine 4 cup coffee maker fits in the kitchen perfectly. It’s not a fancy programmable machine. It includes a water indicator that allows you to see the water level. It helps you to use the current amount of water to make coffee.

Moreover, the water tank is easy to fill. There is a start/off button, a power indicator light notifies you to know if the machine is running or not. The glass made carafe is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it as well. The most important thing is the filter of the brewer.

It is reusable supported filters. You don’t spend much penny to buy paper filters. So it’s also environmentally friendly. It brews coffee quickly and keeps coffee hot as well.

What we liked
  • Affordable price
  • Glass carafe
  • Easy to clean
  • The carafe is dishwasher safe
  • Pause features
  • Reusable filter
  • Water level indicator
  • Keep coffee hot (1hour)
What we didn't like
  • No automatic shut-off features

Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee switch coffee maker comes up with the most affordable price. It is capable to make 4 cups of coffee at a time. Especially, the design of the brewer user-friendly. The pause and serve feature allows you to taste coffee in the time of brewing.

The manufacturer recommends using a paper filter. Expect the paper filter, you only need to clean the glass pot. Moreover, the filter basket is removable. So there is nothing complexes step in cleaning.

What we liked
  • Auto pause feature available
  • Filter basket removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass made carafe
  • One-click functionality
What we didn't like
  • No advance timer option

How To Buy 4 Cup Coffee Makers?

It’s not a difficult task to decide which coffee maker is top-rated according to price level and modern features. If you know some of the essential buying factors, you can ask yourself about your needs.

We are pointing out the vital aspects of a coffee machine that should be considered before picking a 4 cup coffee machine. Read out the guide and buy like a pro.

Built-in Quality

One of the first things, you should think twice before jumping into any purchase. And it’s about the built-in quality of a coffee machine. You need to know what materials are used in the brewer. 

If you want to get a plastic made coffee maker, you must find a BPA free. Besides, stainless steel made coffee makers are better durability score than other materials. Some coffee lovers prefer glass made brewers as that looks great in the kitchen. So lastly, we suggest checking the materials before picking one.

Brewing time & Temperature

Until getting a cup of fresh coffee, we can’t start our great time in the morning. There is nobody who doesn’t like to get the coffee quickly. So quick brewing is an essential factor of a coffee machine. If you grab a machine that brews so slowly, then you may get worse experience with the machine.

Moreover, it’s not only about the brewing time but also about the temperature of the machine. It should be ideal as a recommendation by SCAA on Coffee Preparation Temperature (around 195 to 205-degree Fahrenheit).

Before diving into other features of a brewer, you should know about its’ brewing timing and temperature.

Color and Size

There are a bunch of colors and sizes available in the market. Depending on your personal preference, you should pick a color that suits your kitchen.

Moreover, if your kitchen space isn’t enough, then picking a medium or small-sized brewer can save space as well.


There are two types of filters.

  1. Paper filter
  2. Permanent filter

The paper filter can’t use several times. That means you can use it in single brewing. Besides, a permanent filter which allows using a long time. Most of the coffee enthusiast prefer to use a permanent filter instead of a paper filter because it controls the coffee flavor and taste. But remember, you have to clean it regularly.


Coffee maker’s carafe is made of three different materials; 

  1. Stainless Steel Carafe
  2. Plastic Carafe
  3. Glass Carafe

Stainless steel carafe keeps coffee warmer for a longer time than glass carafe and plastic carafe. Moreover, they are durable too and look premium. 

Plastic carafe keeps the coffee hot than glass carafe. The benefits of plastic carafe are about the budget-friendly price. But it seems cheaper looking. 

Some coffee enthusiasts love glass carafe as they are more careful about the taste of the coffee. Though, it doesn’t keep coffee warmer a long time but keeps the coffee flavor the same from the beginning of brewing.

So if you want to keep coffee heat more time, you should consider a stainless steel carafe made coffee maker. But we know, it depends more on your choice. So we suggest you choose it wisely.

Easy to Use

How to use a coffee maker? This one of the questions comes up on your mind after buying a coffee machine. But it can be too late if you don’t know about it before purchasing it. You have to know which type of filter includes the machine. The removable permanent filter is easy to use and clean. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly. Where the paper filter needs to through after brewing.

Also, there are some coffee machines designed with removable filter baskets. And you can quickly clean the basket of the machines. So you have to find a model that has removable parts and easy to clean up.

If you find a machine that has non-removable parts, the cleaning process can be a little harder. If you read the user manual and get suggestions from the user experience, then it won’t be difficult for you.

In order to use a coffee maker easily, the programmable functions should be easy to read and operate. The timer, brewer strength and the functions need to be clear to understand. And all of the aspects can make a brewer easy usable.

Programmable Features

Modern coffee makers have a bunch of programmable features that increase the convenience of the machine. The automatic timer is one of the features that you should consider before picking one. It allows you to set the time at night and gives you fresh brewing cups of coffee in the morning.

Depending on your taste, a programmable coffee maker has the option to control the brew strength. You can set manually light or bold taste before brewing.


According to your budget, you may find the best coffee maker that has all the modern features. But remember the price range can vary depending on the features. Sometimes the coffee maker that has more features is quite pricey. But it’s not true all the time!

Before purchase, you should set a budget and then dive into the models within your budget. It will help you to get the right machines without losing money on the expensive brewer. Remember, a costly coffee machine always may not have all the features.

Warranty Policy

While you are thinking about getting more convenience from coffee machines, then check the warranty policy. Most of the coffee machines have a 1-year warranty where a few have 2 years. If you don’t spoil the policy, you don’t have to worry about the machine in the warranty period.

Summary of Buying Guides

The primary advantage of this brewer is about ideal cup sizes. We need 10 to 12 cups for hangout timing with family or friends. Some like only single-serve coffee maker for personal using. But 4-5 cups of coffee makers can be a great choice for the capacity of brewing and a small coffee hangout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much coffee do I use for 4 cups?

You will need one tablespoon of ground coffee for each cup. This is the ideal measurement for most home coffee makers. It means you should use 4 tablespoons of ground coffee for brewing 4 cups of coffee.

How long does it take to brew 4 cups of coffee?

Coffee brewing time isn’t easy to execute. Because it depends on various aspects like what types of coffee makers you use, the temperature of the brewer and the most important thing is about the coffee taste.

But 4 cups of coffee brewing time is around 2 to 6 minutes. In the time, water can contact the coffee and extract the ground coffee for creating bloom.

What is the ratio of coffee to water?

Coffee perfection depends on the ratio of ingredients used for the brewing. Especially the coffee to water ratio has the most significant impact on the taste of the coffee.

You should follow the right ratio according to your taste. The ideal ratio for normal taste is 1:17. Check out details guidelines about the coffee water ratio if you would like to learn more.

Final Words

After doing extensive research, we finally enlisted these best 4 cup coffee makers. Our buyer’s guide will help you to understand in-depth what coffee model suits your kitchen space. According to the cost and programmable features, you will easily pick the coffee maker that is top on the list.

Happy coffeeing!