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10 Best Single Serve Coffee Brewers in 2022 – Ultimate Reviews

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Morning coffee is so important to start a great day! We know that it might be hard to find quickly the best single serve coffee maker. Because there are a lot of models available but you just need to pick the right one.

After a long time researching, we have found out these best 10 single serve coffee makers. Without any doubt, you can choose and buy anyone as following your needs.

Things need to give attention before buying a single serve coffeemaker:
  1. Coffee maker performance
  2. Coffee brewing speed/time
  3. Versatility
  4. Programmable convenience
  5. Fuss-free operation

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers: Top Reviews

Keurig Coffee Maker K55 – Best Pick

Among the best programmable coffee makers, Keurig single serve coffee maker is the best one. Keurig K55 model comes up with 4K-Cup pods.

The great options, you can brew multiple pod sizes. It has an easily removable water reservoir which allows you to brew more than 6 cups at a time.

In the morning, you can enjoy the real taste of coffee. It’s has a cool feature for saving energy; it’s automatic shutdown option. So after making coffee, you don’t need to worry about the machine off. 

What we liked
  • Brews with most popular 4 K-cup pods sizes
  • Fast coffee maker machine
  • Comes up with a removable water tank
  • More than 6 cups can brew at a time
  • Classic and stylish designed
  • 2 water filters for getting the fresh taste
  • Having an automatic off function (Idle for two hours)
  • It has a descaling process for cleaning the brewer
What we didn't like
  • A little hard to clean

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker comes up with unique designed. You can brew with this coffee makers in two ways. From single serve coffee to a full 12 cups coffee can be simply possible to make with this brewers.

A few brewers allow you to know about how much water in the water storage. This coffee brewer one of those. You can easily fill water in a water tank. Furthermore, you can enjoy the different taste of flavor from regular or bold. 

Most coffee lovers want to enjoy coffee in the morning and want ready while they wake up. This programmable coffee maker has a 24 hours timer function which allows scheduling time for coffee brewing. Another great option is auto shutdown the brewers by keeping warm it for 2 hours.

What we liked
  • Make coffee in two ways
  • Single serve to 12 cups carafe side
  • Programmable coffee maker
  • 24 schedulable timer option
  • Auto pause and serve functionality
  • Available separate water storage
  • Automatic shutdown options
  • Easy to clean
  • Enjoy coffee with a different taste
What we didn't like
  • Doesn’t allow to set program for single cup of coffee

Ninja Single Serve Coffee Maker

Ninja Single-Serve coffee maker comes with new technology. It can make you surprised while you come to know about it’s built system.

You can prepare delicious hot and cold iced coffee. As a consequence, you can enjoy delicious coffee at home. It’s completely Pod-free, that means you can use the coffee of any brands.

You can make your favorite flavor coffee with different taste. Ninja coffee bar has a unique Auto-iQ one touch-based intelligence technology. That’s why you can’t find a lot of features with a great price in other coffee makers.

What we liked
  • 2 ways brewing system
  • Programmable coffee brewers
  • Capable to make hot or cold coffee
  • Specially built-in frother
  • Single serve coffee maker
  • Carafe can brew 4 different sizes
  • Balanced and intense tasty flavor
  • Pod-free coffee maker
  • Advanced auto-iQ one-touch technology
What we didn't like
  • Carafe remains warm for about one hour

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart single-serve coffee brewer has some excellent and unique features. It’s capable to brew 4-12 oz, total 5 sizes. This programmable coffee maker allows you to set schedule for about 24 hours.

In addition, it has a water tank which easier to clean. Make a cup of coffee, cocoa, soup, and tea and enjoy your morning.

While coffee making is done, don’t worry about its shut off. This brewer has auto-off functionality. With all of these, it’s really worth to buy. 

What we liked
  • Programmable coffee brewer
  • Auto on-off features include
  • Temperature control option available
  • 5 different brewer sizes
  • It has a removable 72 oz water reservoir
  • Including the charcoal water filter
  • 3 years warranty
What we didn't like
  • A slight slow

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee Machine

Nespresso vertuo evoluo coffee maker designed with modern technology. You can brew both coffee and espresso.

In addition, you can also enjoy iced coffee drinks. It’s extremely designed with Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

Simply put the capsule and get completely ready fresh and tasty coffee or espresso. The machine has a large water storage which capable to use 17 capsules.

With this smart brewer, you don’t have to wait a long time. It only takes 15 seconds to ready the coffee. Don’t worry about the power saving system. It’s auto shutdown on 9 minutes inactivity.

What we liked
  • Automatically programmable coffee maker
  • It can brew coffee and espresso
  • Single serve coffee maker with different cups sizes
  • Enjoy iced coffee drinks
  • Designed with nespresso vertuo capsules
  • Auto shutoff function after 9 minutes inactivity
  • It has a one-touch button for ready coffee
  • Available large water container
  • Fast coffee maker (Within 15 seconds)
What we didn't like
  • Only use the Vertuoline capsules

Bunn MCU Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Bunn MCU single cup coffee brewer specially designed for enjoying instant coffee. You can get ready hot coffee in below 1 minute, From K-cups to tea pods, you can brew any that you need.

Most of the people love to get flavor when this machine gives you the bolder flavor.

The coffee maker comes with right size design so that it can save your space in the kitchen. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to use and clean. 

What we liked
  • Perfect appearance
  • Stainless steel water reservoir
  • Drip tray removable
  • Fast heating built-in system
  • Two functions for brewing both coffee and tea
  • Brew coffee with a strong flavor
  • Ideal in size that suits in kitchen
  • 2 years warranty
What we didn't like
  • Some users claimed not easy to clean system

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Some people love single serve coffee as it can quickly brew and give perfect flavor.

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer comes up with dual technology. It has included Keurig and K-cup brewing functionality.

Moreover, it’s built quality higher than expected. The external part of this brewer made of strong plastic.

It has a removable 40 oz water reservoir that helps you to make coffee in minutes. You can try different brew sizes between 3-10 ounce.

What we liked
  • Support Ka-Cup for coffee or tea
  • Developed with Keurig brewing technology
  • Different brew sizes available 6oz to 10oz
  • Includes removable drip tray
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 40 oz large water tank to fill the travel mug
What we didn't like
  • Limited programmable features

Keurig Single Serve Pod Coffee Maker K575

Among Keurig Coffee Makers, K575 model designed with 2.0 brewing technology. It gives you to brew from single serve cups to 4 cups carafes that depend on your needs. This super technology helps you to enjoy hot and delicious coffee in minutes.

It has a big 80 oz water tank, that capable to make at least 10 cups coffee at a time. You can enjoy morning coffee after waking up.

This coffee brewer has a temperature control function and it’s totally programmable. In addition, it has auto on-off options that are useful for energy saver.

In every coffee maker needs to be clean. This machine has a unique feature which is maintenance alerts program. It lets you know when it needs to clean. After all, this is one of the best coffee makers of Keurig.

What we liked
  • Built-in 2.0 technology
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Large 80 oz water reservoir
  • Brewing from 5 pod sizes
  • Enjoy hot coffee anytime
  • Programmable coffee maker
  • Auto on-off functionality
  • Control temperature option
  • 2 water filters include
What we didn't like
  • Limitation to use K-cup Pods

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton beach 49974 single serve coffee maker comes up with surprising features. You can use K-cup pod or own ground for getting ready coffee. It has great flexibility. You can switch between k-cups to ground coffee easily.

The water tank’s window lets you know how much water in the reservoir. You get a hot instant coffee only in 1 minute time.

That’s why you don’t need to wait long. With budget-friendly single serve coffee maker, it’s the best one.

What we liked
  • Flexible for making coffee using K-cups or coffee ground
  • Perfect for single serve coffee
  • Convenient to clean
  • Brewing with regular or bold
  • K-cups brewing capacity 10 oz
  • Compatible brewing 14 oz ground coffee
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Easy functionality
  • It has a grounds basket
What we didn't like
  • Doesn’t brew in both sides simultaneously

KitchenAid Coffee Maker

KitchenAid coffee maker specially designed for coffee lovers who love to enjoy hot single serve coffee in the morning. It comes with great performance.

You can make hot tasty coffee easily. The brewer designed perfectly that doesn’t require a lot of space. Moreover, it’s energy saving coffee maker than other several cups coffee makers.

Without no more efforts, you can get ready the coffee whenever you need. According to the price range, it’s worth to buy.

What we liked
  • Perfect coffee maker for personal using
  • Includes removable water tank
  • No pod required
  • It developed with the one-touch brewing system
  • Enjoy different flavor with bold or barista style coffee
  • Compact design for saving space
  • It has an 18 oz thermal mug
  • Permanent filter already added
What we didn't like
  • Limited brewing capacity

Wrapping Up

Last of all, there is the biggest advantages of picking up a single coffee maker. And it’s about the saving time, get ready coffee with less effort and most importantly budget. If you are a big fan of coffee and don’t need multiple cups; you must check out the above coffee makers.

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