How to Make Drip Coffee at Home

How to Make Drip Coffee at Home

There is nothing more important than a great cup of coffee each morning. Brewing coffee is the most crucial factor for coffee enthusiasts. By following the right way, you can get a fresh tasting cup of coffee each morning.

Are you willing to know about how to make drip coffee at home without any hassle? If you are a drip coffee lover, this post is perfect for you. Keep reading to find out the best way to make drip coffee using a coffee brewer.

What Is Drip Coffee?

Drip coffee is just an awesome process to make coffee. In order to make the coffee, you just need hot water, ground coffee beans, and filters. Water pours over onto the coffee ground and by filtering, it goes down into the cup. The ground coffee beans give you a strong tasty cup of coffee each time.

Step 1: Heat the Water

Before going to heat the water, you should make sure yourself about the machine’s cleanness. In order to get the maximum taste of the coffee, the water is very important. Don’t use distilled water, rather than you can use filtered or bottled water. Water mineral is such important to maintain the taste. And bottled water generally contains a good mineral.

Most drip coffee maker requires 195 degrees to 200-degrees Fahrenheit to deliver a perfect cup of coffee. That’s why you should be heating the water perfectly before ready the ground coffee.

Step 2: Grind the Coffee

Making ready your grind coffee is essential. Many coffee lovers concern about brewing methods, but grind size is quite important. Grind your coffee from medium-fine setting. If you use a paper filter, the water passes the ground coffee and will give a strong taste.

Step 3: Put Ground Coffee into Filter

While the ground coffee is ready, put the coffee into the filter. But it’s very important to maintain the ratio of water and coffee. Usually, we recommend using 2 tablespoons of coffee with six ounces of water. Depending on your taste, you can customize this ratio.

That means, if you love strong coffee, then increase the coffee; otherwise, you should use less coffee for the regular taste.  

Step 4: Temperature and Brewing Time

Basically, drip coffee brews take about 5 minutes to a ready cup of coffee. But it depends on the water temperature. If the water is heat with 195 degrees to 205-degree Fahrenheit, there can be done better coffee extraction. Before filled the water tank, make sure you require to use filtered water.

Step 5: Get Ready Coffee

After 5 minutes, check the filter basket. Most of the auto drip coffee maker has a simple start button to brew the coffee. So if you have an automatic drip coffee machine, you will get a few advantages. After complete the brewing, drink the coffee as soon as possible. Don’t keep the coffee on the burner for a long time because it will be made burned tasted coffee.

Wrapping Up

There are some important aspects, you should give attention while making a cup of drip coffee. Most importantly, the filter you use on coffee making. Some drip machine has a permanent filter that’s good enough.

Alternatively, the gold plated filer is also great to use! Cheap paper filter or ground coffee can’t deliver the coffee as following as your expectation. So you have to make sure about the filter and ground coffee, you’re going to use on coffee making.

Good coffee beans are essential for a smooth cup of coffee. Before buying the beans, you have to know that the beans aren’t old beans (Older than 1 month).

Fresh beans can give you awesome coffee taste. And finally, while you brew your coffee, you must clean the machine perfectly. If you clean the machine parts from time to time, it will remove the calcium deposit. Machine cleanliness controls the taste of the coffee.

So as a coffee junkie, if you would like to enjoy the best drip coffee every time, you just need to follow up the above simple suggestions.

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